Certified Natural, Rejuvenating & Detoxifying herbal supplement

Several factors such as environmental issues like UV light and pollution, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, pesticides, alcohol, cigarette smoke, and many others lead to production of free radicals and cause different complications which can affect the body functions. Amlaki tablets are regarded as one of the best revitalizing herbs in Ayurveda. It helps to fight free radicals, naturally boost immunity and gently manage chronic disorders. Amlaki tablets also have the ability to manage general weakness, improve metabolism and support healthy weight management and digestive functioning.
Amlaki - Natural Rejuvenator known for its impressive healing properties Gain greater nutritional benefits - Builds immunity & wellness by supporting the body’s natural defense mechanism
Enhances overall health & wellbeing
Naturally fights free radicals through its rich Antioxidants
Rejuvenates skin health & fights signs of ageing
Boosts energy & vitality
Helps manage and cope with stress
All natural and no side-effects energy tablet
Manages chronic disorders
Boosts metabolism & maintains healthy weight
Natural Amlaki Tablets - Rich source of antioxidants supporting natural immunity & cellular regeneration
Amlaki supplement is composed of a celebrated herbal ingredient ‘Amlaki’, the small green fruit that has been known for its superior health enhancement properties for thousands of years. Our tablets are built on years of expertise containing the most natural and concentrated source of Amlaki that helps to promote enhanced immunity, cell rejuvenation and detoxification. It also has benefits in promoting skin and hair health and boosting metabolism. The perfect blend of superior quality herbs is rich in anti-oxidant enzymes that help the body manage chronic conditions related to the heart, liver and respiratory tract disorders.
Source of natural living - The most sought-after herbal tablets for overall rejuvenation, increased strength & endurance.
Amlaki tablets work by building both mind and body wellbeing. Amlaki tablet is made from a potent combination of herbal Amlaki extract and powder. These ingredients are rich in anti-oxidants and immunomodulator components that fight free radicals, inhibit tissue damage and promote cell regeneration. Amlaki also assists in improving metabolism and maintaining healthy body weight.
I highly recommend Amlaki!

Amlaki tablets is an herbal remedy which helps to enhance immunity and useful in management of general debility, weakness and systemic inflammation in an effective and safe way. As an antioxidant and immunomodulator, Amalaki is useful in the management of chronic cardiac, liver, skin, GI tract, respiratory tract and renal tract disorders.

Sharon Crobar , M.D., New York , NY

I feel energized and healthy all through the day!
This natural antioxidant tablet completely rejuvenated my overall health. I feel energized and healthy all through the day. Thanks to Amlaki!

- Lucy P, Georgia
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